Deposit machines
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Banking sector
  • Enrollment of funds by legal entities to a current account online - self-collection
  • Cost Reduction - Reducing Financial Costs for Personnel
  • Automation of operational processes
  • Improving security - reducing the number of encashments, automatically checking cash
  • Improving the quality of customer service, self-cassation in 24/7
  • Total cost savings for collection
  • Automate the planning and the entire flow of the cash collection process
  • Transfers information about transactions and transactions to the central server in real time
  • Automatic banknote authentication, recalculation and packaging - simplifying the work of personnel accepting payment and reducing the responsibility for storage
  • Protection of funds from external influences (hacking, theft, robbery)
  • Tracking the correspondence of the amount of revenue received and transferred to the deposit machine
*An example of the use of deposit machines at retail outlets is the gas station, where a large amount of cash is accumulated daily. ADM acts as a safe, allowing the personnel to contribute the entire amount of revenue, with the function of self-collection, verification and accounting, further increasing the overall level of security of the business solution.



Deposit machine configurations include the installation of cassettes or packages for deposited cash with a total capacity of 2,000 to 10,000 denominations each, a bill acceptor, a touch screen, an integrated thermal printer, and control software. It is possible to install magnetic card readers and card readers, barcode readers, an integrated video surveillance system, API for device integration into software applications and bank monitoring systems.

Soft-logic Cloud software provides:
  • Flexible configuration and modification of cash flow scenarios for specific tasks and support for new equipment
  • Customization according to customer requirements. Improvement and expansion of integration with various equipment
  • Integration with Automated Banking System
  • Developing unique scenarios
  • Financial and technical online monitoring
  • Personal account for each user

The functionality of deposit machines can be combined with the usual payment functions - accepting payment for goods and services at company offices (electronic cashier functions), accepting cash payments by bank operators (without directions of the client to the cashier), and so on.


Automatic deposit machine is compact in size device, implying the installation under the table in the office of the store (the height of the machine is only 700 mm).

For service personnel and cash collectors, separate access to the relevant service areas is provided. For the convenience of replacing the receipt tape, the printer (thermal printer) is placed in a separate compartment with the possibility of access to it by store employees.

The used devices for accepting banknotes are certified by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and they allow you to accept the proceeds as one note or a bundle of up to 50 notes per reception.

The device uses the safe class I of resistance to breaking according to GOST 50862/2012. Security systems in the form of magnetic-contact sensors on all doors and compartments and the "Shorokh" opening sensors meet the highest requirements of banks, and ensure the complete safety of the funds deposited in ADM.

General information
  • Enclosure type - floor
  • Material - structural steel 2 mm
  • Separate access for collectors and engineers
  • Steel safe 6 mm, 12 mm, or class I safe
  • The temperature regime is 0..40°С
Touchscreen Monitor
  • 8″ 1280х800
  • Resistive touch panel
Control computer
  • CPU Intel G3900
  • RAM 2048 Mb
  • HDD 500 Gb 6хUSB, 4xCOM
Acceptance of banknotes
  • Acceptance of one note or bundle of up to 50 notes
  • Extended cassette with a lock for 2200 bills
Check printer
  • Band width 57-80 mm
Bank card reader
  • Card reader Visa/Mastercard
  • Pin-keyboard
  • Reading one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar codes
Network Settings
  • AC 110V/220V, low power consumption
  • UPS 15 minutes of battery life
  • Ethernet 1000 Mb
  • GPRS/3G-modem
  • Wi-Fi
  • Watchdog Timer for Monitoring Connection Status
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
  • Hardware Drivers

Automatic deposit machines can be purchased from our partners. The finished solution includes a device with preinstalled software and the possibility of using Soft-logic Cloud technology to organize cash acceptance in self-collection mode.

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