Software for Parcel lockers and storage lockers
Parcel lockers and storage lockers

Pay-Point cloud software using for parcel lockers (self-service parcel terminals). You can order parcel locker and software as all-in-one solution. Ready-made solution allows to automate the postal service by implementing parcel lockers, to build wide delivery network, pick-up points, remote commerce and e-commerce.

We implement not just standard devices, but fully customized solutions for specific client tasks. We are ready to deliver parcel lockers with unique cell sizes, climate control - cooling, heating of sections, as well as custom software scenarios. Parcel terminals with the payment of additional services - regular payments, parking, calling taxi, etc.

The variability of the size of the parcel lockers allows using it at post offices and also street or indoor installation at shopping and business centers, metro stations, transport hubs, gas stations. It is possible to implement a solution of mini-parcel lockers, combined with the function of payment kiosks, with one or two large-sized and several compact cells, to further reduce the cost of renting the installation site and increase payback periods.

Types of devices supplied by our company
Form for requesting preliminary requirements and cost estimation

You can provide us with terms of reference, including graphical scheme of cells, protocol description and other information, by sending email to

The solution allows:
Automate the process of delivery in the field of remote and e-commerce
Provide a device with combined functionality
Increase the role of your own parcel lockers in the market
Provide a high level of service and capabilities for clients
For the owner of the solution:
  • Providing standard and custom parcel lockers
  • Turnkey solution, modern equipment
  • Simplification of logistics, optimization of the "last-mile"
  • Reduction and optimization of total costs
  • Full automation and remote control of parcel lockers
  • Improving customer service and loyalty of clients
  • The ability to integrate additional services
  • Increasing the number of suppliers
  • High reliability, reducing losses from returns
  • Increasing delivery coverage
  • Reducing the human factor
  • Advertising functionality in the interface, promotions
For the end-users:
  • Reducing of shipping costs
  • Online control of the delivery process, receiving and payment, SMS, E-mail, Telegram notifications
  • Convenient service 24/7
  • Security and privacy
  • The possibility of returning the received goods
  • Receiving of documents, banking products, money transfers
  • Various payment methods - cash, bank cards, mobile services, e-wallets
  • Information and technical support
  • Temporary storage of parcels, renting of cells for personal needs
  • Continuous expansion of service functionality
  • Discounts, promotions and loyalty programs
Software for storage lockers

Automatic storage lockers based on Pay-Point software is used for temporary storage of stuff in supermarkets, airports, railway and bus stations, in swimming pools, water parks, sports and leisure centers, fitness clubs, etc.

PIN code, QR code/barcode, RFID card or bracelet and biometric data can be used for authorization in storage system. Storage fee automatically billing before returning items from the cell, payment can be made by coins, bills, bank card.

solution supports:
  • Automatic accounting of the cell rent, billing, dispensing receipt
  • Flexible charging, discount system, loyalty programs
  • Security monitoring, sensors, cameras, alarms
  • Accounting for customers actions and operating staff
  • Expansion and customization of software, adaptation for various devices
Why choose us

Our company is ready to provide a high-quality solution based on specialized software that includes a number of unique advantages.

Software features include:
  • Integration of a large number of hardware components
  • Using of various payment instruments, including cash, bank cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency
  • Effective solution for dispensing of change, including coins, bills, transferring change to personal account, change cards, using change as payment for other services
  • Combining the functions of a parcel locker and payment for services, calling taxi, implementation of multi-functional automated kiosks based on parcel terminals
  • Full control of the device network, component monitoring, reporting
  • Ability to integrate additional software modules
  • Development of customized functionality, scripts at customer’s request
  • Customization of appearance, using of white-label concept

It is possible to use additional modules, for example, label printers, vending machines offering services for change, which remained after payment for parcels, cooling equipment in cells for storing parcels in a hot climate, alarms, cameras, etc.

Effective competitive solution based on the Pay-Point software can be an independent network or an addition to existing network of self-service kiosks.

Ready-made functionality

By placing an order in online store or any other place that supports the delivery service through the parcel locker, user selects the nearest device and receives the order number


When an order arrives at the parcel locker, customer receives notification. The user enters his phone number, parcel identification number, pays for the order in the parcel locker using convenient way and receives the goods


In doing so, all actions are logged, including putting parcel into and taking out from the cells by courier, receiving the parcel by the client, withdrawing the parcel due to return or non-demand and placing the goods back into the return cell


The final solution allows to partially reduce the final cost of goods or services for consumers, providing a higher quality of service, can be considered as a significant competitive advantage

Technological possibilities

Our company has extensive experience in working with various devices, allowing to organize a large number of scenarios to ensure a quality and multifunctional service.

Kiosk software provides additional functionality for control the parcel locker:
  • Cell monitoring - putting, dispensing, returning
  • Remote control
  • Equipment condition - thermal paper, connection, fullness of boxes
  • Various payment options – in cash, by bank card
  • Opening previously paid cells
  • Payment of regular payments, payment of additional services
  • Transfer of the change to the personal account, to the mobile phone account
  • Payment for parcel using change remained from payment of third-party services

The device runs on a Windows or Linux platform, includes simple hardware and software setup, one of the necessary condition is high software security, crack resistance. At the end of the operation dispensing custom printed document.

At the customer's request, it is possible to integrate a mobile application based on existing developments, including tracking of parcels, choosing parcel locker for delivery, conditions for dispensing, storing, paying for services, receiving notifications about status of tracked items, feedback, technical support.

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