Availability of online monitoring

Increases the overall quality of the solution, allowing you to maintain an efficient network device performance. Includes functional monitoring - monitoring of terminal status and remote management of the network of devices, as well as receiving events on terminals, reports related to peripheral devices, payments, collection, etc.

Availability of a single access point - back office, payment review

The presence of a single back office, which integrates all devices into a single network, greatly simplifies the administration process, allows you to view payments, analyze financial information. Professionals do not need physical presence and local access to terminals for obtaining information and analyzing log files.

Continuous support and updates

The purchase of an offline solution means a one-time installation on the customer's terminals, without the possibility of further product support. Our cloud solution involves regular communication with the customer, software update, improvement and improvement of the overall stability of the solution, tracking changes in legislation when using payment terminals, supporting new equipment and device components.

Full compliance with 54-FZ

Our processing is supplied with the "Fiscal Server" software. The fiscal server allows you to remotely connect terminals to one fiscal registrar. At the same time, the connected terminals will issue checks with fiscal marks, and information about the payments made will be sent to the appropriate authorities for further processing, accounting and storage. There is no need for a physical presence of the POS server next to the server, many agent POS servers are organized through remote network access.

Notification system

Timely receipt of information and reporting within the terminal network, employees, via SMS, E-mail, Telegram notification.

Mobile app

The monitoring application is designed to quickly obtain information about the status of terminals and their components. The application also allows you to view the information on the terminal's collection for the last period. In addition, in some implementations it is possible to generate reports on transactions and agency fees. If there are technical problems on the device side, you can use the command sending functionality to restore functionality.

Comparison of cloud processing with payment systems:
No commission on the part of the payment system

When connecting to a third-party payment system, small and medium-sized terminal networks are forced to pay interest on the payments made, often with a stable turnover of 1-2% of the daily commission amount to a significant amount. Cloud solution is paid on a monthly subscription and represents a static amount that does not depend on turnover - the owner of the terminal network saves a lot on accepting payments.

Ability to customize and customize the interface

When connecting to a third-party payment system, the terminal owner is forced to use a standard interface designed for the group of services. In a situation where it is necessary to implement a highly specialized terminal with a small number of services / buttons on the main screen, the overall appearance of the interface will be unpresentable and unsuitable for the end customer. Cloud solution allows free customization of the interface for a specific customer.

Cloud solution is delivered in the format of "subscription - ready integration"

The customer does not need any additional settings and preliminary manipulations. Soft-logic specialists have already configured the distribution of important and critical events, access rights, all necessary sections, the solution is fully adapted to the requirements and ready to go.

When connecting to a third-party payment system, there are often complexities in the preconfiguration and final integration stage, which have to be solved with the help of third-party technical support or on their own - this requires financial and time costs, out of time and not always successfully.

Unlimited add new services

Soft-logic specialists customize and connect new services if necessary. It is possible to unlimitedly add new services, both for registered - offline suppliers, and for online suppliers.

Additional functionality

Due to the availability of wide technological capabilities, it is possible to connect both existing and popular functionality, for example, delivery to a mobile phone, issue cards of cards, fingerprint reading, and the development and implementation of unique technological solutions limited only by the customer's needs.


Soft-logic Cloud software allows any company-customer, to realize its own payment system, accepting payments in favor of a variety of payment service providers or solely to their advantage.


The solution combines powerful tools for payment monitoring, terminal operations, systems, including:

Section dispatching

Contains complete information on each payment. The payment search subsystem allows you to analyze the amounts of payments made in different sections, generate reports.

Functionality allows you to:
  • Technical support for users of terminals (clients)
  • Claim work with customer requests
  • Timely solution of issues with incorrect payments and prompt troubleshooting
  • Manual execution of operations blocked during Fraud-control checks (fraud detection module), large-scale operations, changing the conditions for conducting
  • Control of the use of cards of delivery, pins, issue of copies of checks
  • Download of payments from payment devices or other payment systems for subsequent processing
  • Monitoring payments, online service requests
  • Import payments from other payment systems, export payments
Monitoring section

Combines various tools for analyzing the health of the payment network.

The analysis tools include:
  • The system of event logging (servers, gateways, payment reception points)
  • Terminal monitoring system in the agent's office and using mobile applications
  • User Alert System
  • Service Monitoring System
  • Widget functionality, which allows you to simultaneously track a large number of different indicators

Terminal Monitoring System - provides detailed information about terminals, their technical state, including information about hardware components and financial indicators, the fullness of boxes, and statistical data.


Event distribution - events are technical, financial or other messages within the self-service terminal or the system itself. Events may signal the imminent occurrence of any technical situations (the rapid overflow of the bill validator's stack, the depletion of paper in the thermal printer) or be of a financial nature (replenishment of the agent's account, statement of financial indicators). The back office of cloud processing allows you to configure the distribution of certain types of events to different users of the system using different delivery methods, including SMS, E-mail, Telegram notifications.

Advertisement section

Allows to use various types of advertising services on terminal screens, to conduct advertising campaigns and promotions. The terminal interface provides for free areas for advertising banners and video clips.

It is possible to send advertising SMS, as well as messages to Telegram or E-mail, print advertising on checks.

A separate functional allows you to receive reports on impressions, sent advertising messages and results, given out to prizes in the framework of advertising campaigns and promotions.

Update system All updates are carried out through the Internet, and they are conditionally divided into three categories:
Software Update
Updating software resources
Updating of advertising banners

Each component can be updated separately and at different times for the specific needs of the system owner or for saving traffic. For example, advertising banners are updated regularly in real time, if necessary, you can update only service logos, graphic elements, change the data entry format, without a global update of the software. The whole package of updates does not exceed a few megabytes. In specific situations, depending on the requirements of the customer, manual updating from the flash drive is possible.

Secure SSL + EDS connection

Work only over a secure https connection, eliminating the possibility of interception of data. The digital signature of the terminals on the basis of our cloud software is complexly composed of equipment, preventing the possibility of removing or replacing components associated with the creation of payments.

Monitoring serial numbers of equipment

The system continuously monitors the serial numbers of payment equipment - bill acceptors, dispensers, bank pos-terminals, to prevent the replacement or connection of emulators.

Froud monitoring

A special mechanism to determine how much payment is trusted. Suspicious payments are assigned a separate status, they can be automatically suspended for further analysis. The mechanism settings cover a large number of parameters, thresholds, time intervals. You can use black-and-white lists of clients.

Firmware update module

Applying the method of remote firmware update through processing software avoids the need to send employees to manually update the firmware, for example, bill acceptors, to use a new denomination or to counterfeit counterfeit bills. This feature eliminates human resource costs and transport costs for the customer's terminal network.

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