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Soft-logic self-service kiosks combine modern design, functionality and high level of ergonomics. We use only high-quality components from global brands. Our equipment and software is integrated into the business solutions of customers of a wide variety of scales and effectively automates various business areas related to the sale of goods, services and payment acceptance.

The Soft-logic company produces and implement parcel lockers and storage lockers. The key feature of the company in this segment of devices is the possibility of providing unique, custom parcel lockers and software, allowing the client to get a device with a non-standard configuration of cells, additional storage conditions for goods or parcels, custom scripts for operation of parcel locker.
NTS is the developer and manufacturer of the first automated vending machine that in addition to quality coffee also offers various services, as well as it’s implementation with the latest technologies and electronic payment solutions in Romania. The NTS Coffee project launched in May 2015 on the Romanian market started with 7 coffee machines, now in 2018, more than 700 machines are installed in various locations. There is an active export of coffee machines to the Russian Federation and EU countries.


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