Automation of water parks, swimming pools and paid beaches
Electronic cashiers and self-service kiosks based on Pay-Point for water parks, swimming pools and paid beaches

Pay-Point electronic cashiers and self-service kiosks are used for the automation of water parks, swimming pools, paid beaches. The device allows to organize an effective payment and permit system for water park, which will improve the quality and speed of services.

Description of the solution

For entering to the complex, visitors receive one-time QR codes/barcodes for one-time visits or RFID cards, bracelets for multiple visits. The system allows to use the personal account of a customer linked to a card/bracelet, which is not only a payment instrument in the water park, pool, beach, but also part of the access control system for access to certain areas - bar, cafe, sauna, gym, etc.

It is possible to organize an automated dispensing of a card/bracelet at the entrance with a credit limit and return it on exit, with scanning and payment of a credit limit through the terminal. Self-payment at entrance and payments for services provided at the territory of the facility minimizes staff participation, improve all business processes.

Electronic cashier supports integration with mobile applications for ordering/paying for an electronic ticket for visiting the water park and dispensing a card/bracelet when entering an order number from a mobile application.

It also supports integration with external information systems, external access control systems - turnstiles, scanners, cameras, visitors accounting, etc.

The solution fully supports the 54-Federal law, transfers information about the transactions to the Federal Tax Service. Detailed technical description and advantages of the solution.

Our software is provided by subscription (month, year), which is an additional advantage for the seasonal business - paid beaches, automation of water parks, allowing the implementation of the solution for 4-5 months period.

Example of a working interface

The main screen allows to purchase a new card/bracelet and make a one-time payment to enter the territory, as well as pay for services when visitor leaves facility. The client sees the price of the card or bracelet and credit limit for the day.

Электронный кассир для аквапарка

Электронный кассир для аквапарка

Being at the territory of the water park/swimming pool, the card or bracelet is used as the general means of payment. At the exit, the client scans the card/bracelet through the self-service kiosk, checks the list of provided services and pays the debt.

Терминал самообслуживания для аквапарка

Автоматизация аквапарка

The payment can be made by cash, bank card, if kiosk have dispenser, recycler, coin hopper, it is possible to dispense change. Dispensing change cards, transferring the change to the mobile phone number or to the customer's personal account to pay for the services at the next visit is also supported.

Автоматизация аквапарка

The electronic cashier provides the implementation of additional services, for example, payment for parking, refill of the personal account. The system supports the purchase of services by installments, for a long period, viewing debts, freezing and unfreezing of services.

Система автоматизации аквапарка

When using the terminal in swimming pools, combined with a fitness club, sports center, it is possible to use a payment cart for selling subscriptions, training packages for a long period.

Система автоматизации аквапарка

The visitor can choose the visiting time, coach, read the additional description, purchase additional equipment.

Система автоматизации аквапарка

The terminal interface also allows to use the advertising features of the Pay-Point software - the demonstration of advertising banners, video clips. It is possible to place of advertising at paper receipts, sending it by E-mail. We also provide a joint self-service kiosk with a vending machine for selling snacks, drinks, any goods within the facility.

The system supports the organization of promotional campaigns, one-time free visits (for example every 6th visit is free of charge), scanning QR codes with discounts, the mechanism allows the activation of coupon codes from a certain amount, at certain hours.


The interface of our solution is easily customized, and the scenarios of the kiosk very flexible and can be modified by our specialists. In the case of specific needs among the customer, we are always ready to customize the solution.

Due to partner support of kiosks manufacturers, it is possible to supply a ready solution in the "terminal + software" format.

We are ready to provide additional information on the technical features of the solution, financial costs and payback periods on your request.


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