Pay-Point for self service checkout systems
Self service checkout systems on Pay-Point software

Soft-logic software is suitable for automatic cash registers and self-checkout, it allows to automate the point of sale, store of any format and scale. The solution can be used both in the format of an automatic online cash desk, with the use of full-fledged equipment for retail - electronic weighs, table for packing goods, and in the form of an electronic cashier/self-service terminal with a scanner of barcodes, QR-codes, RFID tags.

The automatic cash desk includes all necessary equipment for customer service and work without cashier's participation:

Touchscreen monitor, size depends on the type of automatic cash desk   

Bill acceptor, dispenser   


POS-terminal for cashless payments   


Coin acceptor, coin hopper   

Dispenser of cards, tokens   

Cash recycler   

Fiscal data recorder, full compliance with 54 Federal law

Advantages of implementing automatic cash registers and self-checkout systems:

Full automation of purchase products in wholesale and retail networks

24-hour commercial activity in modern format

Reducing staff costs, reduce dependence on staff turnover, training/staff development, tax costs

Significant capacity increase

Reduction of space allocated for cash desks, compact equipment

Increase customer loyalty, reach a wider and more targeted consumer group

Collection of statistical data on goods demand

Our software is in the cloud format and can be purchased via monthly subscription, that is why field of activity in which our software can be used, covers not only retail outlets of different format, medium and large retail networks, but also small private business. The solution is also perfectly suited for wholesale stores selling both wholesale and retail goods – hardware stores, household appliances stores, electronics, building materials, etc.

Technical features of Pay-Point software:

Full-featured back office, with the ability to view statistics of payments, purchased goods

Online monitoring of components - ability to track the state of components (cash in the bill acceptor, dispenser, recycler, coins in coin hopper, presence of paper in the thermal printer, etc.), mandatory requirement is monitoring of technical condition of equipment (paper jamming, unstable connection), cash collections

System of notifications about the operation of automatic cash registers and electronic cashiers - SMS, E-mail, Telegram

Full compliance with 54 Federal law - use of our own solution - "Fiscal server" software for data transfer to the Federal Tax Service, storage and viewing of receipts by customers and sending receipts to E-mail

Mobile application for tracking operations of cash desks

We are actively improving our solutions in the interests of customers, for example, we are ready to offer a full functionality of transferring change to the account number of the mobile operator at self-service cash desks, using Face-analytics (face recognition) technology to determine the gender, age of the client, belonging to a certain target group and offer discounts to related goods/services.

Accumulated experience and own technologies of our company allow:

Development of back- and front-offices

Development of mobile products based on Android and iOS

Development and implementation of fault-tolerant systems

Development and support of big data systems

We are ready to provide our solutions and technological capabilities for your business automation.Our company also provide electronic cashiers and self-service kiosks for retail and wholesale trade.


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