Possibility of accepting and paying with bank cards in self-service terminals

Bank cards are increasingly being recognized as useful tools for customers. The support of card acquiring is aimed at meeting the demand of customers who need cashless payments, expanding the availability of goods or services and in some cases may be a key factor for a business solution.

Soft-logic Cloud software supports the acceptance of payments not only on the basis of cash, but also with the use of non-cash functionality. The use of acquiring increases the convenience for end customers, increases the overall solvency and sales level, providing an alternative method of payment. Simultaneously, the overall quality of services is increased, the cost of cash collection and storage is reduced, and the risks associated with the turnover and receipt of cash are reduced.

POS-terminal types 

External POS-terminals 

Ingenico IPP 320


Perfectly suited for use in self-service terminals, which are installed in the customer's location indoor and are under the constant supervision of employees. Ideal device for retail, catering, payment for services. Accepts payments of any type, including contactless and NFC.

Built-in POS-terminals 

The set of Ingenico modules - intellectual PIN-pad iUP250, hybrid reader iUR250, reader of contactless cards iUC150


This bundle of modules is designed for integration into self-service terminals and kiosks, automated systems at gasoline stations, vending machines, etc. The main application is in street terminals or in terminals that operate in public places. The Ingenico build-in module is a complete solution, high-quality, anti-vandal, resistant to any kind of external influences. The contactless card reader allows to make one-touch payments using Visa PayWave technology, MasterCard PayPass.


Turnkey solution

At the moment, we have a ready-made solution based on the integration of the terminal software with the Arcus 2 CAP product software developed by «Ingenico» LLC. The Arcus 2 CAP (Cash register Application) system is a set of software and hardware that allows receiving non-cash payments using bank cards, including magnetic cards, chip cards (EMV), contactless cards, as well as manual data entry.

Cooperation with Ingenico Group ensures compatibility of Soft-logic Cloud software with POS-terminals of Ingenico company and allows partners and clients of Soft-logic company use card acquiring.

Contactless payment

If there is a technical capability, supported by the chosen POS-terminal model, it is possible to use of contactless payment via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. When the transaction is initiated and the result is received by the management software, there are no restrictions on the used payment mechanism. It is important that this opportunity is provided by the chosen POS-terminal.


The provision of contactless payment is supported by more expensive smartphone models, accordingly, it provides a high-quality service for the appropriate category of customers. In some cases, the provision of payment with this technology can be a very important competitive advantage and a factor that positively affects demand.

Choosing an acquiring bank

In case you are ready to organize acceptance of card payments using POS-terminals, you need to order devices from acquiring banks:                        













                Russian Standard Bank               






Russian Agricultural Bank












Providing software and implementation, our company will also provide all the necessary support and advice in purchasing devices, configuring and launching the solution.


Third-party integration

If you need to integrate the solution of a third-party POS-terminal manufacturer, we are ready to do all the necessary work. In order to integrate the terminal, we need to obtain an operation protocol (API) with POS-terminal via a COM port or a network connection. The API should allow to initiate a payment transaction and receive the payment result (success, error, timeout). If necessary, we are ready to sign the NDA.

Modern market conditions dictate the need to accept cards for payment, due to the annual increase in the number of customers using bank cards as payment instrument for goods and services. Today, the coverage of bank cards by the population is almost 80%. Reception of contactless payments is actively developing. In an effort to satisfy your potential demand for acceptance of non-cash payments, we offer a complete solution for accepting bank cards in self-service terminals.


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