Self-service kiosks for car wash
New features of Pay-Point self-service kiosks for car washes

The market of self-service car washes is represented by two categories of establishments – traditional car washes with staff and self-service car washes. Payment kiosks provide all self-service benefits for car washes with staff, as well as reduce overall costs and in the long run reduce the prices of services. Kiosk increases the business competitiveness, includes all the possibilities for automating the sale of services and for accepting payments available in self-service car washes.

Soft-logic company announces the appearance of new functionality for self-service kiosks used in car washes. Now, customers can create templates with their cars in the system, use a kiosk to select and pay not only for car wash services, but for example for tire service. At the same time, printing the second check has been simplified the accounting of the employees work.


In the previous version of the software client was required to enter the vehicle number each time and select its category (different car class have different prices). Now it is possible to save a car template, one client can have an unlimited number of cars. If the client does not want to register in the system by phone number or log in, the option “Temporary car” is available – a one-time car wash service with the choice of category, types and subtypes of services.

Thanks to this innovation, the level of convenience for the end customer has been significantly increased, while the system owner can track the compliance of all client’s registration data, edit templates, check that the bonus system data is correct, keep statistics, analytics, etc.

At the request of a number of customers was implemented a print copy of the receipt for car wash staff members. It is now even easier to take into account the working time of employees. If kiosk have a barcode scanner, it is possible to scan receipts at the end of a shift through the self-service kiosk to record in the system all services provided by each employee.


Also, at the request of the car service business, which often provides mixed services in the same place, a tire workshop functionality was added to the self-service kiosk. The client can add all tire services to the payment cart and pay for them in cash or by bank card.


The solution supports system of cumulative bonuses, which are credited to the customer’s account after each payment for cart of services. All payments are processed in accordance with 54-Federal law. System provide online monitoring of points in the back office, view information about operations, equipment condition, fullness of boxes, notifications about events.

Some customers use our software as is, without additional modifications. For customers who need individual functionality we develop additional modules, configure scripts, implement custom interface. Software is delivered in the cloud by monthly/annual subscription, we also provide technical support, trainings and experience exchange in the implementation process and future usage of kiosks. It is possible to combine several business areas in one kiosk, such as already operating car wash + tire service.


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