Updated functionality of promo codes for beauty salons
Updated functionality of promo codes in Pay-Point software for hairdressing and beauty salons

The activity of the software developer company for self-service terminals in the market of automation of beauty salons, hairdressers, barbershops of various levels with the use of electronic cashiers requires not only establishing contact with the customer, installing the device and selling the software solution, but regular software updates, continuous customer support to provide competitive services and increase the profit of the saloon.

Soft-logic company regularly analyzes the features of the consumer market of beauty area, and also, based on our own expanding customer base in this field, implements interesting ideas for self-service terminals based on Pay-Point.

*This functionality is already included in the Pay-Point software for the beauty area and does not require additional payments for customer for using it.

One of this improvements was the introduction of the functionality of generating promotional codes to receive a one-time discount for the services of hairdressing salons, beauty salons, and barbershops. At the same time, the result of the second version of the functional was the possibility of activating codes on coupons only at certain hours.

Интерфейс терминала с обновленным функционалом промокодов

The main purpose of imposing restrictions on the activation of coupons on time is to attract customers during periods of reduced demand, as well as the balanced distribution of the client’s flow and less downtime of the saloon.

Интерфейс терминала с обновленным функционалом промокодов

Another update is limiting the activation of promo codes from a certain amount. If there are different services in the hairdresser (our solution supports a convenient payment cart for adding services and one-time payment for all of it), theoretically the client can take promo codes and get the cheapest services for free. To exclude such situations, promotional codes in our solution are configured using a special mechanism that allows to specify the discount percentage and the amount, from which this discount will be activated. Until the customer insert the minimum amount for payment, he can not receive this discount, the terminal gives him an information message about it.

Интерфейс терминала с обновленным функционалом промокодов

Examples of promo codes

Примеры промокодов для салонов красоты

The promo code is generated by a special algorithm that is available to the client in the back office without any special software modifications and does not require special skills for setting it up.

These improvements are actively used by our customers in various saloons right now, at the same time, we are planning to introduce a new specific functionality on request for specific hairdressing salons and beauty salons, as well as functionality for all customers. We are ready to provide all the features of our specialized software and the experience of our company for automating your business.


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