Payment data in receipts with QR codes
Modern QR codes functionality in our kiosks

We have developed a new functionality that allows customers to print receipts with QR codes or barcodes, which contain payment information and any additional attributes, which is created after accepting customer payments at self-service kiosks.

As a result, receipts become flexible, modern deferred confirmation of a completed payment. Kiosk owner specifies the data encryption algorithm and personal secret key by himself. Any information — service name, type, amount, customer's phone number, point ID, etc. is written in QR code format, encrypted and cannot be forged, because even knowing the encryption algorithm it is not possible to obtain the personal key of the kiosk owner.

At the moment, the system is used within the framework of the ACS project, which uses turnstiles for paid entrance to the territory. User pays for the service, receives a receipt with code, brings it to the turnstile, confirms payment and enters at the service area. Optionally, there can be a restriction on the activation time, for example, two days, at the third day receipt is no longer valid.

The functionality has great potential for automation of the orders picking up, renting goods, paid access to events, exhibitions, deferred payment confirmation at any external systems.

Our cloud-based self-service kiosk software is constantly improving, with new features being regularly introduced as self-service systems evolve and user needs change.

For more information about the solution, please contact our Sales manager Roman Schmidt


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