Service Quality Evaluation System for kiosks
Service quality evaluation system for beauty salons

We inform about the launch of a new functionality of interactive customer service quality evaluation for self-service kiosks in beauty salons. The functionality is suitable for establishments where the client first receives the service, including with linking to the master, and then makes payment. Now, before making payment, the client is invited to evaluate the level of service on a ten-point scale.

Weekly and monthly, the administrator of the saloon receives a letter with the data on the evaluations with reference to the clients and the services provided to them. If the establishment uses accounting for the masters work, master ID is added to each evaluation. The ID can be a personal code, a phone number that is entered manually in the kiosk after the service is provided or a barcode that is read from the master’s badge if there is a built-in barcode scanner.

In addition to the general statistics of evaluations, negative reviews are separately noted. The responsible employee can check the phone number of the customer who leaved negative review in the back office, contact him and clarify the claims to improve the quality of service.

We are certain that this functionality will help in even more effective hire of employees by analyzing the correlation of ratings and creating the highest quality service in the beauty services market for our customers with self-service kiosks.

Functionality is free of charge and provided to owners of a standard interface for hairdressers and beauty salons. For owners of other interfaces from other business areas we are ready to perform repainting and redesign at request. For information about the integration for existing customers send request to the Head of Implementation Department Kostetskiy Vitaliy


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