Soft-logic cloud

Soft-logic software in the cloud for the organization of payment acceptance via self-service terminals, providing the possibility of flexible, fast, adaptive automation of small or medium-sized device network. It is possible to provide a comprehensive solution that includes devices and software.


Solution consisting of crypto terminals based on Pay-Point crypto cloud with the possibility of dispensing QR-codes for refilling the balance of crypto wallets. The solution is not limited by popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple and can be used with any cryptocurrency.



Pay-Point cloud software allows to organize cash acceptance and accounting using deposit machines. The solution is organized according to the customer's requirements for the configuration of devices, to the features of collection, need for additional functionality and the target country for which the implementation is directed.



We offer the acquisition and launch of your own Fiscal Data Operator for your business, as well as a full range of services related to the implementation of the solution - consultations, certification and licensing.

Application area
  • Automation of payment acceptance
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Payment kiosks
  • E-cashiers
  • Currency exchange operations
  • Parcel lockers, storage lockers
  • Vending
  • Retail
  • Internet commerce
  • Automated deposit machines, cash accounting
The target audience
For those who want to test a business idea and do not have the opportunity or do not want to invest significant funds in purchasing software
Internet providers, acceptance of payments in service offices. Usually, payment points, placed in the service offices give a high turnover. Absence of linkage with turnover can give a very significant economic effect
Seasonal projects, exhibitions. Payment for software is made only during the period of use
Parking garage cooperatives, management companies
Business startups in the service sector, restaurants, entertainment industry, hotel business
Small and medium-sized systems - electronic queuing solutions, toll payment, utilities, information kiosks, parking systems, access control, ticket sales
Kindergartens, schools, music study groups
Sports centers, fitness areas, sports schools
Functionality and technology
  • Automation of data entry - use of barcodes, magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, RFID cards
  • Flexible payment scenarios
  • Customizable printed documents, the ability to print pictures and barcodes
  • Easy setup
  • High security and crack resistance
  • Presence a lot of ready modules for work with providers
  • Possibility of online interaction with the customer's accounting system
  • Acceptance of cards
  • Acceptance of coins
  • Acceptance of banknotes, including stacks
  • Application of recyclers
  • Dispensing of change with banknotes and coins, transfer to the account/service
  • Balance control
  • Wide advertising functionality
  • Colorful customizable interface
  • Advertising on the second monitor
  • Multilanguage
  • Windows
  • GPRS support
  • Linux
  • Ethernet support
  • Wi-Fi support
What you get

Possibility to receive payments through the terminal, cash register or internet

The most perfect software on the market

Full compliance with legislation

Complete financial reporting

Timely technical information

Regular software updates

Possibility of ordering your own customizations, wide possibilities for customization of solution

Fast connection

Qualified technical support and advisory services

Assistance in the selection of equipment and the development of scenarios for interaction with the user


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