Manufacturers of equipment

We always strive to develop partnerships with manufacturers of devices used in automated payment reception. Our goal is to expand the geography of our software presence by establishing partnerships with device manufacturers in the regions of Russia, CIS countries, near and far abroad. Close cooperation with iron producers, hardware partners allows us to provide a quality, complete, adaptive solution to end-users.

Our company actively participates in the promotion of complex solutions, including:
  • Bank payment terminals
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Automatic deposit machines
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Information kiosks
  • Ticket terminals
  • Vending terminals
  • Currency exchange terminals
  • Crypto currency trading terminals
  • Letters
  • Electronic queue terminals
Representative offices

We are interested in expanding the representative network to increase the availability of our solutions in the global market. We are ready to discuss the terms of cooperation and provide comprehensive support to potential representatives on the issues of attracting customers, supporting transactions, implementing and developing ready solutions.

Attracting potential customers
  • Presentation of solutions to immediate company executives
  • Presentation of solutions at exhibitions
  • Creating proposals for promoting products in local markets
  • Working with targeted Internet resources, blogging, twitter-channels, preparation of advertising news
  • Finding partners for delivering integrated solutions (terminal, software, etc.)
Transaction support
  • Conducting negotiations and business correspondence with customers and their counterparts on the implementation of ready-made ready solutions, as well as creating new solutions
  • Development of financial schemes and schemes for paying taxes, taking into account the specifics of local legislation
Implementation of the solution
  • Formulation of requirements for the adaptation of software products under the laws of the country and the specifics of a particular project
  • Consultation of users on the practical use of software products
  • Updating the technical documentation for software products, as well as translating to the target language
  • Providing first level technical support
Development of a ready-made solution
  • Monitoring the quality of work and the degree of satisfaction with the result obtained by the customer
  • Analysis of the needs of the customer and the formation of a work plan for the finalization
  • Continuous contact with the customer to analyze the needs for new products


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