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Modern automation systems for clinics and hospitals effectively solve the problem of self-appointment and receiving services for patients. The combination of a functional of administrative web application, mobile application, combined with a payment terminal stationed at the clinic, will further enhance the possibilities of system integrator for the users and visitors.

All-in-one solution will allow visitor of the clinic to sign up through the automated system on the site or via the mobile application and pay for services using the payment terminal at medical facility, bypassing the administration desk.

The visitor manually enters a minimum of data or simply brings QR code/barcode (on paper, at smartphone) to the terminal, which was issued by the information system when he made appointment via the Internet, pays for treatment, visits to a doctor and receives a package of medical services. Or he can independently choose the necessary doctors or treatments through the terminal, add all services to a payment cart, choose convenient payment acceptance format, receives a receipt and go to a doctor's office.

The solution allows:
The queue lowering and capacity increase

The providing of the convenient, universal and modern service
The reduction of personnel, the decrease of general expenses level
The providing of the monitoring and reporting system
For visitors of clinics and medical centers:
  • The substitution or work relief of administrators/cashiers
  • New tools for automation
  • Revenue increase/cost reduction
  • The increasing of quality service
  • The convenient payment acceptance format - by cash or card
  • Stylized interface
  • Personal account for every user
  • Free pricing for services at different terminals, quick changing of prices and list of services
For system integrators and developers of specialized software complexes for clinics and medical centers:
  • New opportunities of profit gain*
  • All-in-one solution
  • Strengthening of market position
  • Extension of service and software functionality
  • Connection of new and retention of old clients

* The integrator can freely set its own price for Pay-Point cloud software and connect customers in accordance with its own pricing policy.

Why Choose Us

The self-service terminal is a simple, modern and reliable instrument for the automation of clinic or medical center. Device effectively substitute several employees, automate the administrative field, payment acceptance, collect reports and send data to the tax authorities.

Features of Pay-Point cloud software include:
  • Online-monitoring of terminals and internal components (cash amount, presence of receipt paper, connection with server)
  • Back-office with the ability to view and accounting of payments, transactions
  • The system of notifications about device operations (SMS, E-mail, Telegram)
  • Regular technical support and software updates
  • Full compliance with 54-Federal law, withdrawal of Z-reports from fiscal registers, simplification of work process with the Federal Tax Service
  • The implementation of a quality, multifunctional interface specifically designed for medical field
  • Readiness for customization and modification
  • If required, we are ready to provide a turnkey solution as "software + electronic cashier/terminal", from our partners - equipment suppliers

The main clients of Soft-logic company are banks of Russia and CIS countries, large terminal networks and mobile operators. Accumulated experience and developed technologies allow to provide the owner of the terminal with a high-quality user interface and convenient back-office with comprehensive information on all processes.

The final solution consists of our technologies in the sphere of payment acceptance and your developments in the field of specialized software for the automation of clinics and medical centers. The combined product, which includes both directions, can find active demand among the customers.

For the visitor:
  • Modern way of choosing and paying for services
  • Automated registration for the services (using QR codes, barcodes, information about doctors, medical tests, on paper, from smartphone)
  • The variability of the service - appointment via web or mobile application, payment through the terminal/appointment and payment through the terminal
  • The system of a personal accounts for each user, with a payment cart, history of operations
  • Loyalty programs
  • SMS, Push, E-mail, Telegram notifications
  • Cash and cashless payments, solving of the change problem
  • Possibility of using additional services of the terminal, making third-party payments
For the owner of the clinic:
  • Savings on staff costs, terminal will help to make the appointment, receive data about the chosen doctors/medical tests/treatments from QR code, prepare and accept payment, print a receipt and save the data
  • Increasing the flow of customers, improving the quality and speed of service
  • The reduction of the area given for cash registers and counters
  • Document workflow lowering
  • Back-office with detailed and transparent reporting
  • Short payback period
  • The possibility of demonstration of commercial on receipts, banners, at video clips - advertising of own services and profit-making possibility
  • The adjustment of the terminal with the vending machine, that includes the realization of snacks, drinks, and other goods of the clinic*

* Our own software solution, additional information on request

Ready-made functionality

The owners of the clinic can purchase terminal, install it at the necessary area, install Soft-logic company’s software, which includes payments acceptance, required interface and, possibly, any additional software functionality and begin accepting of payments for available services.


The cost of maintaining the terminal is relatively small, especially if the device is owned and located at the owner’s area. The software for receiving payments provided in a cloud format, allowing flexible charging, modifications and customization at the customer’s request.


Average operation period for new terminal is 5 years without the serious technical service. The employee only needs to change the paper for the thermal printer on time and collect cash from the terminal - open the door, get the money box, take banknotes and return the box into the terminal.


Such a wide level of automation of all-in-one solution (web, mobile application, terminal) will allow to provide a maximum of alternatives for customers, the spanning of the wider target group of consumers. Terminal can be also used as a stand alone device, without the use of web applications.


The installation of self-service terminals at the network of medical clinics will increase the comfort and convenience for visitors, will allow to harmoniously complement business processes, bring the medical centers to the modern technological level and increase the profitability.

Technological possibilities

Our company has extensive experience in working with various devices, allowing to organize a large number of scenarios to ensure a quality and multifunctional service.

We are ready to customize software using of both standard and individual scenarios at the customer’s request:
  • Automated dispensing of keys or cards - personalization via using barcodes, magnetic strips, chips, RFID interface
  • Using of card dispensers to build control systems and restrict access areas - implementation of the management access system to the medical center or to its separate sectors (reception, offices, laboratory)
  • Possibility of validation of the readed barcode when dispensing, to exclude the dispense of an erroneous or defective card, label, or chip. If an error is detected, the identifier is sending to a special box
  • Reading the serial number or other details from dispensing chip card in order to synchronize and link the data to the account of the user, who receiving the card
  • Implementing the functionality of calling a webcam to identify the payer
  • Using of a scanner functionality for passports and device for reading the client's signature, fingerprints, palms
  • Printing special barcodes, access codes
  • Using a barcode scanner to combine manual input and automatic data reading
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