Fast Food

The self-service terminal for fast-food restaurants allows to successfully solve the key task of this type business - increase carrying capacity, reduce costs, while increasing the total amount of receipt due to the increased fullness of the order.

Automation in the restaurant sector of various levels and catering, the demand of customers for service with minimal staff participation pushing business owners to implement self-service devices.

Using Pay-Point cloudware, our company provides a universal complete solution - self-service kiosk for restaurants, catering, fast food, which allows to make order and payment without cashier, with the possibility of integration into the accounting system of the establishment.

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The solution allows:
Provide a convenient, versatile and modern service
Reduce the number of staff, upgrade the infrastructure, reduce overall costs
business processes
Provide monitoring and reporting system

The self-service terminal can be actively used in

small and large fast food networks, restaurants, including:
  • Fast food, snack bars
  • Full service and specialized restaurants
  • Catering points, food courts
  • Pizza restaurants, cafe
  • Bars, drinking establishments, liquor stores
  • Coffee houses, fresh bars
  • Canteens, office caterings
  • Confectionery stores, bakeries
For owners of fast food restaurants and restaurant chains:
  • New ways to automate your businesses
  • Increase of profitability/reduction of costs
  • Reducing the cost of cash collection, simplifying procedures for inspection bodies
  • Elimination of staff access to cash
  • Savings on online cash registers
  • Increase quality of service, customer loyalty
  • Reduce queues and increase carrying capacity
  • 24/7 service
  • Providing full reporting through the back-office on the sold goods/services in a certain period of time, notification about operations via SMS, Telegram, E-mail
  • Implement loyalty programs, discounts
  • Advertising functionality in the kiosk interface, on receipts/tickets
  • The possibility of implementing a module of non-cash payments - receiving bank cards at kiosk
  • Transfer change to the personal account/service or to the mobile phone
  • Provision of additional services - payment for parking, regular payments
  • Types of services, which need to automate payments are determined only by the requirements of the owners of the solution
For suppliers and integrators of automation systems for fast food, software complexes for restaurants, bars and cafes, automated customer service management:
  • Expansion of software functionality for planning, optimization and management of retail sales
  • Providing an integrated solution
  • Increase in market share
  • Strengthening of positions in the market
  • Promising tariff policy
  • New opportunities for joint profit-making projects

The integrator can freely set its own price for Pay-Point cloud software and connect customers in accordance with its own pricing policy.


The solution allows you to significantly speed up the process of purchasing products or services, including in peak hours of the client load, in some cases providing service in 24/7 mode.

We provide quality and prompt service, that meets the current trends and requirements of customers to the modern format of the restaurant business, catering establishments and fast food.

Why choose us

Our software will allow your restaurant network to solve a number of automation tasks, including increase the flow of customers, expanding payment acceptance tools, reducing personnel costs and increasing profitability, including additional offers within the existing menu that increase the total amount of average receipt.

Software features include:
  • Back-office with detailed monitoring of the kiosk (status of components, fullness of boxes, notifications)
  • Simple setup of hardware and software
  • Remote control
  • Providing technical support, regular software updates
  • Compatibility with large amount of devices and hardware solutions for accepting and dispensing notes, coins, cards
  • Readiness for customization as required

The main clients of Soft-logic company are banks of Russia and CIS countries, large terminal networks and mobile operators. Accumulated experience and developed technologies allow to provide the owner of the kiosk with a high-quality user interface and convenient back-office with comprehensive information on all processes.

The final solution consists of our technologies in the sphere of payment acceptance and your developments in the field of specialized software for the automation of sport and entertainment facilities. The combined product, which includes both directions, can find active demand among the customers.

For client:
  • Reduced queues, capacity increase
  • Interactive colorful menu with up-to-date information, discounts and promotions
  • Flexible payment options - cash and cashless payments
  • The possibility of using a personal account system with saved menu for each user, payment cart
  • Loyalty programs
  • SMS, Push, E-mail, Telegram notifications
  • Possibility of using additional kiosk services, payment of third-party payments
  • Solving problems with change
For the owner of the fast food network:
  • Increase customer flow, improve quality and speed of service
  • Savings on staff, kiosk will show menu, tell the client what to choose, accept payment, dispense receipt, perform accounting and save data
  • Offer additional additives (sauces, spices, drinks) to the order being formed, increase the amount of the average check
  • Reducing risks when working with cash, fraud of staff
  • Reduce document workflow
  • Back-office with detailed and transparent reporting
  • Using barcodes, RFID tags, tickets, tokens, allows the organization of bonus programs that can attract more regular customers
  • Advertising functionality
  • Functional system of accounting/counting of visitors and statistics of the demand for certain dishes
  • Significantly reduce of the area allocated to cash desks
  • Short payback period
  • The possibility of customization and whitelabel allows to harmoniously integrate the kiosk into the existing interior of the restaurant
Ready-made functionality
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The owner of the fast food restaurant can purchase kiosk, install it in the necessary area, install Soft-logic software, including customizable menu, payment acceptance functionality, necessary interface and possibly some additional software functionality and start restaurant activities in a modern format.

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The cost of maintaining of the kiosk is relatively small, especially if the device is owned and located at the owner’s area. The software for receiving payments provided in a cloud format, allowing flexible charging and customization.

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The installation of self-service terminals in restaurants and fast-food establishments will improve speed of service, level of comfort and convenience for customers, will harmoniously complement business processes, bring the food point to a modern technological level.

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The final solution allows to partially reduce the final cost of goods or services to consumers, providing a higher quality of service, can be considered as a significant competitive advantage and an indispensable tool for restaurant business owners.

Technological possibilities

Our company has extensive experience in working with various devices, allowing you to organize a large number of scenarios to ensure a quality and multifunctional service.

In addition to self-service kiosks for fast food, our solutions are used at:
  • Coffee machines
  • Snack machines
  • Carbonated drinks vending machines
  • Ice cream vending machines
  • Pizza machines

At customer's request we make modifications that allow the application of both standard and individual scenarios. The capabilities of our software, based on the using of unique complex scenarios and combined interaction of components to ensure a high-quality and multifunctional service allow:

  • The combination of the sale of food, drinks, snacks with additional payments in favor of mobile operators, government services, Internet, housing and communal services, banking services, etc.
  • Organization of dispensing of free goods or services from the kiosk when making payments in favor of a certain supplier, payment of fine or bill on time
  • Online monitoring of the availability of all ingredients, goods or services and the condition of kiosk equipment - very important requirement for the creation and expansion of a network of devices
  • In addition to supporting non-cash payments - accepting bank cards, we also provide flexible solution for change - dispensing by cash, coins, transferring to any other service offered by the kiosk, dispensing change card or transferring change to a personal account

Our software can be used to organize a fully autonomous establishment that serves customers with minimal staff participation. This automated fast-food point or restaurant can rely entirely on self-service kiosks in the process of taking orders, providing background information, video fixing, access control and reporting.

The possibility of using outdoor kiosks allows to organize fast food in drive-thru format, when driver does not need voice communication with the cashier when ordering and making payments, which will further improve speed of service.

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