Fitness clubs

Modern fitness club includes a professional team of trainers and instructors, spacious squares, a variety of fitness equipment, comfortable dressing rooms and showers, all this creates a certain quality service

However, before start to use all services, presented in the fitness club, potential visitor must go through the procedure of choosing a package of services, conclude a contract, make a payment.

This process should be as convenient, fast and as varied as possible. The infrastructure should provide suitable options for paying memberships, choose individual or group sessions with the coach visitor like, have a flexible system of discounts, loyalty programs. Simultaneously, a convenient front-office and back-office interface is needed, also don't forget about financial account of the fitness club, analytics, optimization, marketing and advertising of new offers.

Using Pay-Point cloudware, our company develop and implement universal solution - self-service payment kiosk for providing services for fitness centers and sports clubs with a stylized custom interface


Interface example

* Example of a standard working interface, we also develop individual interfaces, customize scripts and functionality for a specific customer

The solution allows:
Make payments for all services at one point
Automate business processes
The reduction of personnel, the decrease of general expenses level
The providing of the monitoring and reporting system

We offer the development of a joint product, in cooperation with the owners of sports club networks and integrators of specialized software complexes for fitness centers.

For owners of fitness clubs
  • New ways to automate your business
  • Increase profitability / reduce costs
  • Improve quality of service
  • Convenient choice of services and payment for training session
  • Stylized interface
  • Personal profile for every user
  • Separation of administrative and billing/payment functions
For integrators and developers of specialized software complexes for fitness centers and sports clubs
  • Extension of software functionality
  • Providing a complete solution
  • Increase in market share
  • Strengthening of positions in the market
  • Perspective tariff policy
  • New opportunities for getting profits

The integrator can freely set its own price for Pay-Point cloud software and connect customers in accordance with its own pricing policy.


The solution allows to significantly speed up service during peak hours. The stronger fitness club accentuate It's own status, the higher the desire of the club to provide quality and fast service and the higher the requirements of customers for these factors.

Why choose us

Our software will allow your system to be not just a CRM, but a full-fledged complex for service providing, including payment for memberships and additional services through a kiosk or mobile application.

Features of our software include:
  • Back-office with detailed monitoring of the payment kiosk (components status, fullness of boxes, notifications)
  • Simple hardware and software configuration
  • Remote management
  • Providing technical support, regular software updates
  • Compatibility with large number of devices and hardware solutions for accepting and dispensing bills, coins, RFID cards
  • Readiness for customization as required
  • If necessary, we can supply self-service payment kiosk from our equipment partner

The main clients of Soft-logic company are banks of Russia and CIS countries, large terminal networks and mobile operators. Accumulated experience and developed technologies allow to provide the owner of the kiosk with a high-quality user interface and convenient back-office with comprehensive information on all processes.

The final solution consists of our technologies in the sphere of payment acceptance and your developments in the field of specialized software for the automation of sport and entertainment facilities. The combined product, which includes both directions, can find active demand among the customers.

For the visitor:
  • Dispensing of RFID cards, bracelets, QR-codes
  • Using a personal account for every user, with peyment history
  • Flexible options for packages of services and payments, cash and cashless payments
  • Separation of payment and administrative services - reducing queues
  • Loyalty programs
  • SMS, Push, E-mail, Telegram notification
  • Ability to use additional terminal services, payment of third-party payments
  • Solving problems with change
For the club owner:
  • Additional payment acceptance tool
  • Saving on staff, kiosk will help visitor to choose service, accept payment, dispence receipt, make accounting and save the data
  • Increase customer flow, improve quality and speed of service
  • Back-office with detailed accounting and reporting
  • Advertising functionality
Ready-made functionality

Owners of fitness clubs can purchase kiosk, install it in the area of the necessary areas, install it at the necessary area, install Soft-logic company’s software, which includes payments acceptance, required interface and, possibly, any additional software functionality and begin accepting of payments for available services.


The cost of maintaining of the kiosk is relatively small, especially if the device is owned and located at the owner’s area. The software for receiving payments provided in a cloud format, allowing flexible charging, modifications and customization at request of the customer - the owner of the fitness club


Payment kiosk, based on cloud payment acceptance software, can be an effective, competitive tool which reduces overall costs for the club, improve speed of servic, increase the availability of prices for visitors, and variety of payment options.


Growth of the trend among young people and middle-aged people - the main clients of fitness centers, paying for services in self-service devices may indicate a gradual shift in the standards of service and refusal from cash desks with staff.


The installation of self-service terminals in the network of fitness centers will increase the comfort and convenience for visitors, will harmoniously complement business processes, bring the organization to a modern technological level and increase the final profit.

Technological possibilities

Our company has extensive experience in working with various devices, allowing to organize a large number of scenarios to ensure a quality and multifunctional service.

At the customer's request we can develop a solution for:
  • Automated dispense of keys or cards (data recording - RFID tags, QR-codes, barcodes)
  • Integration of access control system for all club or for it's separate sectors (swimming pool, sauna, spa, etc.)
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