Soft-logic company’s solution for automation of fitness clubs ____________________

Self-service terminals confidently enter into various fields of activity, requiring the provision of services, making payments and providing additional functionality. Automation of fitness clubs, sport centers, swimming pools and other related organizations allows to speed up and simplify the procedure of choosing a package of services, contract conclusion, payment process.

Industry experts estimate that at the moment more than 60% of young people between the ages of 18 and 30 prefer to use self-service devices when buying goods or services. In the near future, this trend will continue to gain momentum and ultimately lead to maximum refusal from cash desks with staff and check-in counters.

Gathering together demand statistics, market data and analyzing the demand in the segment, Soft-logic specialists developed and successfully launched specialized solution for automation of fitness clubs using Pay-logic software via cloud.

Customer’s basic requirements for an integrated solution was:

  • Custom interface, with the possibility of selecting a suitable options for paying subscriptions, types of training facilities, to choose individual or group sessions with the coach visitors like, have a flexible system of discounts, loyalty programs.

  • Easy startup, regular updates, with no infrastructure costs - due to the cloud solution

  • Acceptance of cash and cashless payments

  • Convenient front-office and back-office interface, financial accounting of the fitness club, analytics, optimization, marketing and advertising of new offers

  • Further modification and customization at the request of the customer - the owner of the fitness club

  • Integration with existing CRM

As a result of the launch, self-service terminals with Soft-logic Cloud software allowed to reduce the number of staff, reduce overall costs, route payments to one point for all provided services and automate business processes.

In addition to significantly reducing queues, due to separation of payment and administrative services, visitors noted the following advantages:

  • Possibility to receive RFID card, bracelet, using of barcodes

  • Using a system of personal payment account for each user of the club, with a payment basket

  • Flexible options for packages of services and payments, cash and cashless payments

  • Loyalty programs

  • SMS, Push, E-mail, Telegram notifications

  • Possibility of using additional terminal services, payment of third-party payments

  • Solving problems with change

  • In return, after the implementation owners of clubs and sports centers felt a positive business effect associated with the availability of:

    • Additional payment instrument

    • Staff cost savings, terminal will introduce to the client what to choose, accept payment, issue a receipt, perform accounting and save data

    • Increase client’s flow, improve quality and speed of service

    • Back-office with detailed and transparent reporting

    • Advertising functionality

    An important condition for choosing the device - self-service terminal, was the availability of compatibility with a mass of devices and hardware solutions for receiving and dispensing notes, coins, cards.

    From the client’s point of view, the terminal interface looks as follows:

    1. The terminal software which functioning in the network of customer's clubs allows client to register in the system and receive a member card/RFID bracelet or sign up and pay for services/training if he is already a member of the club.




    2. Registration of a new user in the system and receiving a card/bracelet require filling data including name, phone number, date of birth, contact E-mail and promo code if loyalty programs are active.


    3. Then client can choose a list of services, including training, treatment procedures, with a description, price, for a certain period - day, week, month, year.



    4. The next step is payment, using cash or bank card, there is also the possibility of installment purchase of services. After purchasing the service, client should choose preferred time to visit the fitness club, group or personal trainer and one-touch sign up for training. Further authorization of the user is performed by entering a phone number or hold an RFID bracelet up to self-service terminal.



    Additional feature allows to freeze the service for a set period of time and to unfreeze if client wish to continue he’s visiting. Terminal software allows the customer to allow clients choose other coaches after confirming the service, change the schedule, view the history of services/visits. There is a functional of blocking services for a specific user for a set period of time.


    Drawing on the experience, gained with the implementation of this type of solution, Soft-logic specialists note the mandatory ability to easily and quickly modify the existing interface to specific requirements. The end product for new customers represents a service that includes an individual set of scenarios, interface and usability, determined by the level of services available in the club and clients focus.

    Technological capacities allow considering creation of completely self-contained fitness club with the minimum quantity of the staff members. The club can include a system of terminals that allow the sale of subscriptions, control access to sectors (types of fitness equipment, swimming pool, sauna, spa) through the access control system, provide assistance service via information kiosks, additional vending services, etc.

    The final solution significantly reduces the cost of subscriptions for clients, providing a higher quality of service.

    Modern automation solutions are not a luxury, rather, it now seen as significant competitive advantage and indispensable tool for business owners.

    A key feature of the implemented product is full automation of the processes of purchasing fitness club services, signing up for trainings and many other related functions, including full automation of the accounting system. All this makes our product truly innovative in the field of fitness services. The process of realization and implementation of this solution is an interesting experience for us, including the speed of providing the final product, all integration from the receipt of the technical assignment to the product application at the customer’s side was made in two weeks.

    We are pleased that this product on the basis of Pay-logic cloud software has found an active use among the customers. We hope that the features of our solution for the automation of payment acceptance will make it possible to interest not only the owners of fitness clubs, sports complexes, gyms, swimming pools, but also developers and integrators of specialized CRM for this service sector, as well as related systems of relationships with customers and automation of accounting.


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