Combined self-service kiosk with vending functionality
Combined self-service terminal with vending functionality from Soft-logic company

The need to reduce equipment costs and the desire to combine several functionalities in one device encourage business owners, considering options of automatization their businesses using self-service terminals, to implement modern combined devices.


Soft-logic company announces the availability of a perspective solution - self-service terminal for accepting payments for the customer's services, with a combined functionality. The device allows resolve several tasks at the same time - providing information, ordering and selling a package of services or goods, as well as selling drinks, snacks and other products depending on implementation area.


Based on our own ready-made solutions for fitness clubs, our company's specialists are ready to provide a specialized terminal for selling training packages, choosing a personal or group coach, with the possibility of buying drinks, isotonics, protein supplements, sports nutrition. At the same time, based on the requirements of the customer for promotional campaigns, it is possible to use "smart" calculation of the conditions for obtaining free services (for example, every seventh service is free), the functional of activating promotional codes, and dispensing a free drink, snack, and a portion of the sports supplement according to the set conditions.


At the moment there is a potential demand for this solution in the following areas:

Automated hairdressing salons, beauty salons, barbershops, cosmetology clinics

Car washes, car service stations

Sales of cinema tickets, tickets for events, dispense of passes

These areas of activity are always associated with a relatively large client flow and the natural occurrence of a small queue and waiting process, which stimulates customers to purchase snacks, drinks, and incidental payment for regular payments.

On the one hand, the business owner receives an effective tool for receiving payments for his own services presented in the self-service terminal, with online monitoring, the ability to remotely control the network of devices, receive information about events on terminals, reports related to peripheral devices, payments, collection, etc., advertising functionality in the interface, on the receipts and on the second monitor. On the other hand, the self-service terminal integrates with the vending functional, which, depending on the direction of the business, effectively sell related products, constitute a complex competitive solution.

Combined self-service terminals and payment terminals with combined functionality can ensure the selling of snacks and drinks during the waiting period after purchase or registration through the terminal. Potential market demand may include:

Sale of tickets for long-distance transport, at airports, transport hubs

Entertaining complexes - amusement parks, ice rinks, water parks, theme parks

Hotel complexes of different scales - combination of payment, administrative functions and the sale of food products can be a very effective solution for the automation of small and medium-sized hotels

Standard and automated gas stations

Medical clinics, hospitals

Soft-logic company also considering the possibility of creating a cloud accounting system for the consumption of drinks and snacks, lunches, with authorization via contactless cards as one of the direction for this product. Due to the ability of installation a card dispenser into the terminal with card personalization and binding to the user, it is possible to quickly implement the required business processes and provide an automated dispensing process. This solution may be needed in offices, enterprises, educational facilities, where for each employee/student can be determined daily and monthly quotas for consumption of products using vending terminal.

This solution was presented at the Global Fitness Innovation & Forum 2018 in the variation "Combined payment terminal for fitness clubs with the sale of sports nutrition and drinks" and chosen as one of the six best innovative projects in the field of equipment and technology for fitness.

Modern self-service terminals its highly directional devices for performing a specific task. Our solution with integration vending into payment terminals eliminates this stereotype and opens up new opportunities in the trade sphere and in the sphere of payment acceptance. Payment for any services that imply the client's presence in the queue, in close proximity to the coffee/vending terminal, will significantly increase both customer loyalty and the overall level of profitability of the terminal owner. It is also very advantageous to identify possible solutions for the provision of specialized services, whether it is the payment for fitness services and the sale of protein or the purchase of passes to children's entertainment complexes and sales of milkshakes. Considering the realities of modern megapolis, full of hustle and bustle, the decision under the slogan "everything in one place", in our opinion, is actual than ever.

Specialists of Soft-logic company are ready for further cooperation with fitness clubs, hairdressers, beauty salons, as well as with customers who make business in any other directions, which require the automation of payment acceptance with expanded capabilities and integration with vending functionality. In addition to specialized software for self-service devices, we are ready to provide the appropriate terminals from our equipment partners. The final solution - interface, scripts, functionality, capabilities can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.


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