automated storage lockers manufacturing

  • Specifications
  • Hull HPL - plastic
  • Profile type Aluminum
  • Number of cells 17 cells, dimension of one cell 200 x 200 x 300
  • Lock Electronic, in each cell
  • Display 8"
  • Features Storage time accounting, transfer
    information to external system
  • Control PC
  • Single-board Raspberry Pi
  • Customization
  • Colour Any
  • Software Customizable cell controls

This storage locker using offline system. The user brings the card, system automatically detects an empty cell and opens the door. It is possible to integrate our soluton with the accounting system of the facility to account the time and cost of storage after the expiration of prescribed time, and also integration of a payment system.

The solution is completely customizable.

Storage locker with automatic cells effectively solves the issue of temporary storage of personal belongings at airports, railway stations, transport hubs, supermarkets, schools, water parks, sports, entertainment and leisure facilities.

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