Implementation of self-service kiosks at beauty salons
Implementation of self-service terminals for barbershops/beauty salons based on the Pay-logic software

An increasing number of business owners in the service sector are considering the possibility of purchasing self-service terminals/ implementation of electronic cashiers. These devices can reduce overall costs, quickly and efficiently automate business processes, provide a multifunctional service, can include specific capabilities for a particular customer.

Soft-logic company announces the existence of a ready-made solution - software for self-service terminals in hairdressing salons, barbershops, beauty salons, SPA. The solution allows the customer to automate a beauty salon or barbershop by installing a terminal with specialized software for self-service devices in the field of this service sector.



*here and below an example of an interface developed for a specific client

The user chooses to registration via mobile phone or enters using created account, in doing so, depending on the settings of the software, client can see available promotions, the conditions for obtaining free services, functional for activation of promotional codes, etc.



After choosing the required service and determining the price, taking into account the activated discounts, it is suggested to make payment in cash or using a card.



The system allows the client to use personal account, payment basket, order the service for a specific time. The customer can configure the provision of free services after a certain number of visits. There is a plans to expand the functionality for existing customers in the form of sending SMS notifications and reminders about services, working schedule of a hairdresser, it is also planned to perform an anonymous rating of the work of the selected personal specialist.



Technical features of the solution include:

Online monitoring of terminals and internal components (cash volume, receipt paper status)

Back-office with the ability to view and record payments, transactions

Notification system for devices and employees (SMS, E-mail, Telegram)

Regular technical support and updates

Withdrawal of Z-reports from fiscal registrators, simplification of work with the Federal Tax Service

Important prerequisite is the availability of several options of a quality, multifunctional interface designed specifically for the hairdressing and beauty salons.

At the moment, the system allows the usual mailing of E-mail messages to the owner of the terminal network, including detailed information about the work done by every employee, for services that simplify accounting.

At the request of customers, the system introduces the possibility of linking staff and keeping track of employees work timesheets, issuing salaries through the terminal. Specialist registers in the system, if the terminal is equipped with a code scanner, employee get a badge with a QR-code. When client choosing services, specialist brings the QR-code to the reader and the system records data about the employee and the work done. In the absence of a reader, the identifier, code, login can be entered on the terminal manually. When installing a bill dispenser, it is possible not only to organize dispense of change to customers, but also to issue a piece wage at the end of the working time to employees, based on a personal ID or code.

The client get a modern, high-quality service level, due to:

Automation of payment and administrative functions

Reduce queues, increase the availability of services

Registration in the system and obtaining a personal account with a history of payments and services

Flexible variation of payment – cash and non-cash payments – by bank card, through Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay contactless payment systems

Additional services – regular payments

Transfer change to the deposit of the personal account, to the mobile phone account

Receiving discounts, bonuses, participation in loyalty programs

Terminal allows to significantly save on cashiers, at the same time it limits the reception of counterfeit notes, excludes fraudulent actions from staff or customers, collects statistics on the relevance of certain services. Acting as an interactive kiosk, the device will automatically tell the client which service or specialist to choose, provide customized information.

Marketing functionality allows to implement a system of promotional codes, coupons, which can be printed on advertising leaflets and entered manually into the terminal when purchase services.



Additional advertising functionality in the form of banners, video clips on the second monitor or on the receipts will inform visitors about significant events, promotions, offers, as well as provide advertising spaces for third-party companies, possibility to earn on advertising.

Soft-logic company specialists are ready to cooperate with hairdressing salons, beauty salons, as well as with similar networks and franchises. In addition to providing software for automation of hairdressing salons and beauty salons, we are ready to provide specialized terminals from our equipment partners. The final solution – interface, scripts, functionality, capabilities can be customized according to the customer requirements.

Increasing the requirements for the speed and variability of obtaining services in the field of hairdressing salons, beauty salons, barbershops, SPA centers encourages the owners of this business to consider the self-service terminal as one of the indispensable components of a modern salon. The presence of a specialized interface, the accounting of requirements and functional features, the convenience of choosing a service, payment, additional opportunities, allows us to provide our potential customers with an interesting high demand solution.


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