Software development for crypto ATM
Pay-logic cloud software for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency via self-service kiosks

The growth and development of the cryptocurrency market, the increase in investment attractiveness, as well as the possibility of generating profit due to fluctuations in exchange rates leads to an increasing demand for services of the purchase and sale of various types of cryptocurrency. One of the effective solutions for buying and selling are self-service terminals.

Pay-logic software allows to arrange the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies via self-service terminals connected to a cloud solution. Software installed on the terminal allows customers to insert cash for purchase a cryptocurrency and refill the balance of their wallet. After installing a banknote dispenser, it is possible to arrange the exchange of client's cryptocurrency for cash.

The solution can be deployed in countries, that promote the development of the cryptocurrency, do not hinder its turnover among users. At the moment, a number of companies from the USA are active customers of the Pay-logic cloud solution. North America is one of the regions-forefathers of cryptocurrency technologies, including a convenient, modern way of buying and selling it via self-service terminals. Joint projects of Soft-logic company with companies from the USA, accumulated experience and technologies allow using software in Europe and CIS countries, where the turnover of cryptocurrency is legalized and there is an active demand for its purchase and sale.

The software complex provides the owner of the terminal network (agent) connected to the cloud with full control over his wallets and accounts at the exchanges. Agents independently register account keys and choose, through which wallet or exchange will be purchased cryptocurrency. At the moment, many popular systems of wallets and exchanges are integrated in the system, and it is also possible to quickly integrate new systems on customer requests.

The system provides the possibility of flexible settings of limits and levels of user identification depending on the amount of payment, in accordance with the legislation of the region or country to which the implementation is directed, which allows full implementation of KYC and AML requirements of a certain country.

The software allows to use equipment for scanning and identification of identity cards, fingerprint and palm reading, automatically takes photographs of the customer in the process of making payment. There is the possibility of integration with various scoring systems to verify the compliance of client data with his documents, address and other personal information. In case of additional conditions and requirements on the part of the legislation regarding to the turnover of the cryptocurrency, we are ready to customize the solution.

Pay-logic software allows to integrate a large number of peripheral devices for accepting and dispensing notes. Supports the receipt and dispense of various currencies, which means unhindered connection of agents with installed terminals in different countries. Multilanguage is supported.
The solution combines extensive functionality in terms of managing wallets and exchanges, viewing and analyzing statistics on payments and on customers.


Provides comprehensive information about wallets and transactions.


Information area about transactions includes information about the client and the actions performed, all the identity data is stored.


The system provides the agent with the ability to connect to their own third-party API in order to identify the client, for example, the system for obtaining customer information by the cell phone number or various scoring systems that will be activated when the customer is identified, and for sending SMS, for example, sending One-time password to authorize the client at the terminal or send messages when payment in process, with self-customization of the message templates by the agent.


Appearance of the terminal interface.

The user enters the phone number to which the One-time password will be sent to access the system. The information on the maximum restriction of the currency purchase amount per day is displayed.


Next, need to choose registration a new wallet or refill the existing one. To refill need to scan the QR code containing the wallet address, or enter the wallet address manually.


Depending on the settings, the purchase process can include scanning a specific document – ID card or driver's license, entering a social security number (followed by checking in scoring systems), photographing a client with a certificate in hand and other types of customer identification.


Soft-logic company always aims to optimize and increase the profit of its customers, for this purpose the system uses various mechanisms, including, but not limited by:

  • — Automatic purchase of cryptocurrency on the exchange at the moment of passage of the transaction from the wallet, which allows eliminating the risks associated with exchange-rate volatility;

  • — The ability to combine multiple payments into a single transaction to send a cryptocurrency, which save costs on Blockchain fee;

  • — Provision of terminal data by various API to third-party resources, including addresses and points work schedule, exchange rates, which allows customers to easily find agent terminals;

  • — The possibility of using modern technologies to attract customers, such as Telegram Bot, which allows customers, using their current location, to determine the nearest terminals for the purchase of a cryptocurrency, check the exchange rate and view their past transactions.

At the moment, Pay-logic cloud software for bitcoin terminals is actively used by customers for the sale of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Ripple. The solution is not limited to the currencies described above, it can be used for any type of cryptocurrency presented on the market.

Cloud technologies have a number of advantageous features:

  • — Fast connection;

  • — Absence of costs for the upkeep of the information system;

  • — Absence of necessity to conclude complex contracts with payment systems;

  • — Regular software updates;

  • — Possibility of the order of own modifications, wide possibilities of customization of the solution;

  • — Flexible tariff policy, linked with turnover, ensures the interest of our company in the development of the product and increase the customers's income.

Soft-logic company invites partners and potential customers of solutions in the sphere of sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies to cooperation. Specialists of our company note the growing interest in this area in a number of countries and the ever-increasing involvement of cryptocurrency in commodity-money relations.

Any company, already working in the sphere of accepting payments through self-service terminals or having no experience in this type of business can easily connect to a cloud solution and start working in this area. The process of connecting existing or new terminals to the cloud is simple, intuitive and takes quite a bit of time.

We are ready to provide cloud software for occupying strong positions in the market, including broad technical capabilities, convenient, multifunctional back office, and a customizable terminal interface. In addition, our specialists are always ready to customize the unique solutions that are available to develop for specific requirements depending on the region or country.


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