Application of Pay-logic software in Automatic deposit machines

Due to the increase of the technological level of automation of the cash accepting, automated deposit machines are increasingly relevant. Their application enables organizations to reduce costs for cash-in-transit, instantly receive payment cash to the bank account, making it possible to use revenues on the same day. This solution allow to automates the entire planning and document management of cash-in-transit process. Information about operations and transactions comes to a central server in real time. Deposit machine automatically checks the authenticity of banknotes, carries out its recalculation and packaging, simplifying the work of staff, receiving payment and the responsibility for the storage, simplifies the work of cash-in-transit staff. There is no direct access to cash when unloading machine. Generate a full report about all operations.

If there are legal requirements for the daily cash-in-transit of cash, deposit machine can serve as a convenient and secure way to store large amounts of cash, with modern protection used in ATMs, for example using a dye pack and modern locks.

Field of application of deposit machines as part of automated deposit transactions can be in any areas, that require work with cash and cashless payments - banks, retailers, transportation companies, municipal payment acceptance points, etc.


Configurations of deposit machines include the installation of cassettes or packages for cash with a total capacity of 2,000 to 10,000 bills for each, bill acceptor, touchscreen display, built-in thermal printer and management software. It is possible to install magnetic stripe card readers, barcode readers, equipped with an integrated surveillance system, API for the integration of device in the application software and in the bank monitoring systems.

Pay-logic software allows you to organize the reception and accounting of cash with the use of different deposit machines, depending on the customer requirements for device configurations, cash-in-transit features, additional functionality and a specific country, which is directed as a place for implementation of the solution.

Provides flexible configuration and modification of application scenarios of deposit cash to certain tasks and support of a new equipment. Solution customize in accordance with the requirements of each client. It is possible to make modifications and expansions of integration with hardware, integration with automated banking system, the development of unique scenarios, financial and technical online monitoring, personal accounting of operations for each user.

Functionality of deposit machines can be combined with conventional payment functions – receiving payment for goods and services in the offices of companies (electronic cashier function), receiving of cash payments by bank operators (without sending client to the cash desk) and others.


The large capacity of the deposit machines and the full automation allow make self cash-in-transit process with full consideration and significantly reduce the need for cash-in-transit of points, as long as the location of points of sale and accounting department at the remote distance or in different time zones. Daily cash-in-transit and payment of commissions are reduced to the necessity of cash-in-transit of the deposit machine once a month or longer, depending on the amount of money packages and cassettes.

In some countries, for example, in the Philippines, with the cash-in-transit of less than 200 thousand pesos commission set at fixed rates – 500 pesos, the cost for cash-in-transit of amount exceeding 200 thousand pesos are determined by interest rate. In doing so, it is allowed to store of cash without reference to a bank, with certain risks and costs. In Russia, such manage with cash forbidden, which leads to an even greater need for this decision.

Soft-logic company's specialists invite to cooperation banks, credit institutions and equipment manufacturers, which interested in the development of this solutions for the automation of receiving cash using deposit machines and the flexible Pay-logic software for organizing large networks of devices from different manufacturers, integrated with the banks through our own gateways for deposit money, allow the possibility of combining with the payment functionality.


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