Self-checkouts with Smartix software at MTS GURU flagship stores

MTS retail chain, the largest non-food retailer in Russia, chooses solution from Smartix to launch self-service kiosks with interactive showcase. The devices are used in the premium GURU chain of MTS stores with the highest requirements for the quality of service and modern sale technologies.

Why MTS chose Smartix self-checkout software

Smartix kiosks combine all the capabilities of digital systems and electronic storefronts. According to the terms of the project, devices offer making orders from the assortment of the outlet, as well as the entire online store. Cart editing, selection of additional options, displaying up-sell and cross-sell offers in the interface are supported. Currently, payment is made at the store's checkout, in the future it is possible to equip kiosks with POS-terminals for non-cash payments. The kiosk interface also includes section where customers can leave feedback and rate the quality of service.

GURU stores use self-checkouts to redirect sales from the traditional format to e-commerce, expanding the available assortment due to the “endless” digital showcase. High-quality devices and software allow to offer customers the best shopping experience, fast service and a modern level of service. Implementation of self-service processes relieves sales consultants and optimizes their work.

Thoughtful solution

Smartix software uses modern web technologies to display websites, showcases of goods or services, interactive elements and any other content in the interface. Solution meets all the requirements for functionality, reliability and fault tolerance:

  • Centralized content management at kiosks — manage processes through single back office, ease of administration and making changes to content within entire segments of devices or at single kiosks.
  • Using virtual keyboards built into the kernel — when click at the input field, an alphanumeric keyboard is dynamically opened which client uses to enter data.
  • Special mechanisms limit the ability to minimize the interface at kiosk. Access to the desktop is blocked, kiosk software works exclusively according to specified scenarios.
  • Web content filtering is provided. List of valid followings is supported (only within a domain and subdomains or within given white list of domains). Automatically returns to the specified start web page when idle.
  • The presence of specialized advertising module allows you to set up advertising campaigns using animated and static banners, videos based on web technologies with many parameters, taking into account impressions.
  • Hardware

    Project include Smartix out-of-the-box solution for self-service checkouts. The hardware partner of Smartix, TOUCHPLAT — Russian manufacturer of self-service systems, was supplier of the kiosks. The combined software and hardware complex provide one of the most functional software on the market and premium kiosks.


    In the process of interacting with kiosks, visitors appreciated the efficiency and convenience of self-service devices. A modern showcase based on digital technologies offers new opportunities for customers within the omnichannel system of GURU flagship stores from MTS.

    TOUCHPLAT cash registers based on Smartix software are suitable for automating any retail networks. The variability of functionality, use of the most advanced technologies, wide range of devices and the ability to adapt means that it is ready to be implemented in almost any project with a flexible set of customer requirements for software and hardware.


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