Payment cart and discount coupons using from a certain price for beauty field self-service kiosks

Soft-logic company informs about the implementation of the new functionality for clients of Pay-Point cloud software.

*Described functionality is already included in the Pay-Point software for the beauty field and does not require additional costs for use by the customer.

New features:

1. Payment cart - allows customers to add an unlimited number of services and pay for it in one payment.

Интерфейс терминала с обновленным функционалом промокодов

In addition to selecting services from the list, also providing a choice of additional options for each service - for example, the number of images on the nails, the types of haircuts, any additional conditions for each service selected by the customer.

As a result, client receive a total receipt containing information about all services and it’s total cost.

In the payment cart, as well as when providing one-time express services with a fixed payment, keeping loyalty functionality, - the calculation of a free service (every 6th haircut, manicure, etc., free of charge), but adapted for payment cart. The functionality allows the customer to independently choose the services included in the loyalty program - for example, only cheap services will be free of charge.

2. Activation of discount coupons from a certain price - the system of providing discounts to customers only when a certain amount of money is paid via the terminal or discount only as percentage from total cost.

Allows to exclude the obtaining of cheap services by customers for free, and also encourages customers to purchase more services.

Additional solution improvements:

A mandatory mechanism for printing two receipts for an interface with group payments (payment cart) has been implemented – one receipt for the master, for accounting of services performed, the second for the client. Also added tips on receipts - copy of the receipt, give to the master.

Интерфейс терминала с обновленным функционалом промокодов

Improved terminal operation at loosing of connection to a server. Now, when there is no connection, the client can see a message that it is impossible to use the phone for registration in the loyalty system and obtain free services, but he can simply obtain the service without registering at loyalty system.

Improved usability of screens, added additional information for the client on the registration screens, screen for calculating of free haircuts, tips for entering, information about the services affected by the loyalty program.

Интерфейс терминала с обновленным функционалом промокодов

Интерфейс терминала с обновленным функционалом промокодов

Right now these improvements are actively used by our customers in various beauty salons, at the same time, we plan to introduce a new functionality for specific barber shops and beauty salons. We are ready to provide all the features of our specialized software and our experience for the automation of your business.


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