Your own Fiscal Data Operator from Soft-logic company

The acquisition of a ready-made solution to on-line transfer data to the Federal Tax Service is increasingly being considered by medium and large companies as a promising step in the maintenance and development of business. Own Fiscal Data Operator allows to independently resolve the issue of compliance with Federal law No. 54 within the existing commercial activities of any scale, and at the same time can be a tool for generating profit.

Soft-logic company informs about the possibility of purchasing ready-made Fiscal Data Operator solution for data transmission to the tax authorities, in accordance with the requirements of Federal law No. 54. At the same time, with support of the partners, company's specialists are ready to provide a turn-key solution that includes not only the integration of customized software and technical support, but also a full range of consulting services, covering certification in the tax authorities, acquisition of server infrastructure and certified cryptographic facilities.


The results of the market analysis, carried out by Soft-logic specialists reveal a situation when the market is conventionally divided into two categories of customers: companies that want to purchase Fiscal Data Operator for the provision of data transfer services to external organizations – sale of the service, and companies that want to purchase and own their Fiscal Data Operator to conduct business in compliance with legal requirements, in this case, the advantages of implementing Fiscal Data Operator for own network are determined by the following features:

Complete confidentiality and concealment of financial information

No need to pay for external Fiscal Data Operator services

Ability to connect and service partners and tenants

Independence from external systems, risk reduction

Soft-logic company has successfully developed and offers to potential customers of all sizes the acquisition of their own Fiscal Data Operator for the organization of data transfer to the Federal Tax Service.



Fiscal Data Operator software solution from Soft-logic company, one of the main organizations on the Russian and international market for the development of software for payment systems, is a powerful, multifunctional tool that has a number of features that are key within processing payments, transferring information to the Federal Tax Service, and obtaining statistics.

A detailed description of the product, including basic information and technical features, is available at

Interest from large companies wishing to allocate funds for the acquisition, implementation and further use of their own Fiscal Data Operator solutions in their commercial networks, as well as to provide software to third-party customers, partners and tenants, attests to the significant advantages of such data transfer model in the Federal Tax Service, our specialized solution is specifically suitable for such customers. Our complex will allow your commercial business of any scale to efficiently, confidentially and with minimal cost solve the issue of transferring data online from cash registers in accordance with Federal law No. 54.


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