Self-service kiosks for ski resorts
Automation of ski resorts with Soft-logic

Soft-logic company announces implementation of a new project in the field of automating the services and receiving payments through self-service kiosks at ski resorts.


At customer’s request, non-cash kiosk with a minimum set of equipment is used. The interface allows the sale of entrance tickets for visitors with their own ski equipment, divided by age categories, as well as payment for entry and picking of rental skis.



The solution reduced the workload of staff, provided a new modern sale channel for services, increased capacity and reduced overall costs for the ski resort. Due to the use of Pay-Point software for a monthly subscription, the customer can use self-service kiosk only during the skiing season, which significantly reduces the total cost of the project.


Perspectives for installing a self-service kiosk include:

Dispensing of one-time QR codes for access to the territory, organization of the access control system

Automatic dispensing and replenishment of ski passes for using ski lift

Use of a personalized card to pay for all services in the territory of the resort - dining room, bar, fitness center, swimming pool, parking, etc.

Combining payment kiosk and vending machine (Soft-logic company’s ready-made solution)

Combining the payment terminal and automatic storage cameras (Soft-logic company’s ready-made solution)

Implementation of discount programs, flexible loyalty programs

Payment for any third-party services through the kiosk

The solution allows combining several establishments in one self-service kiosk, for example, hotel complex (self-service check-in, check-out) and ski resort

Self-service kiosk based on Pay-Point software provides comprehensive automation of service sales, depending on hardware configuration supports accepting cash and non-cash payments, dispensing change, transferring change to a user's personal account, the solution fully complies with 54-Federal law, provides monitoring of components, comprehensive reporting about functionality in the back office.

Key feature of our solution is complete customization and refinement at the customer’s request, as well as providing of cloud software by subscription. This approach allows to customize the final solution and satisfy the demand of both a small ski resorts, where simple payment and rent of equipment is required, as well as a large ski resort combining several service packages within several establishments, various payment acceptance options, customizable operation scenarios for kiosk and a personal interface.

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