Cloud fiscalization at Smartix checkouts
Smartix self-service checkouts support cloud fiscalization

Smartix self-checkouts in addition to supporting local fiscal equipment, offers using of cloud fiscal services. The functionality allows to significantly save money on the installation of online cash registers. It is enough for the owner of the system to rent 1-2 cash registers for the entire network in order to fully comply with legal requirements for fiscal data transfer.

The process is implemented as follows:

1. Buyer pays for scanned goods

2. Self-checkout generates special link to its own service for viewing purchased goods

3. Operation is sent to the server where fiscalization takes place through the cloud fiscalization service specified by the network owner

As part of the Smartix system, its own service for viewing checks has been implemented. User can see virtual receipt with commodity items. In addition to viewing purchases service also displays fiscalization data — receipt includes an additional button with link to view the receipt in the tax service/OFD.

Smartix self-checkout system supports popular cloud fiscal services:

  • Orange Data
  • CloudPayments
  • Dreamkas
  • Integration with other services can be implemented at request.

    Smartix specialists continue to develop solution and expand functionality for existing and potential customers. “Out of the box” Smartix software for self-service checkouts basically includes all features required by modern retailer. Support for cloud fiscalization allows to significantly save money on compliance with the requirements of 54-Federal law, which is especially noticeable when there is an increased number of self-checkouts.


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