Expansion of the Pay-Point crypto cloud capabilities, demonstration at the Blockchain World Conference

The increase of using cryptocurrency as a payment instrument and it’s influence on financial mechanisms leads to it’s popularization in a growing number of countries and regions. The organization large amount of annual conferences, exhibitions, active participation of the largest companies and representatives of small and medium-sized business at this events showed the willingness of people to share their knowledge and experience, to present their own technological innovations and to conduct business related to the blockchain.

Soft-logic company takes an active part in process related to the development of software for crypto ATMs for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency, with the functionality of crypto pawnshops. Due to third-party hardware support, specialists are ready to provide a turnkey solution in the “terminal + software” format.


The latest software updates realize the possibility of buying and selling cryptocurrency in the back office of the Pay-Point crypto cloud, which allows the organization of stationary exchange points with the cashier, as well as the use of the system at the stationary pawnshop points.


Cashier need a modern browser, webcam or a barcode scanner for reading the QR code with the wallet address, and if necessary, a printer for printing receipts and QR codes for sales operations with crypto currency. This solution allows to use tablets and mobile phones as a devices for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.



Additionally, solution include the following improvements:

   Expanded information on exchange transactions in the appropriate section, the possibility of it’s re-processing is added;

   The mechanism of automatic trading on the stock exchange by operations is improved, it’s allows to put the transaction in the waiting mode of the successful completion of an order at the exchange;

   In the crypto profile, it is possible to disable the entry of a number on a certain crypto ATM when performing exchange operations, which will simplify the exchange process in those jurisdictions where client identification is not required;

   The amount of information displayed on the system's monitoring and management dashboard has been expanded, additional elements have been added, for example with data on transactions by currencies for today in the context of currencies.

This solution will be presented at Blockchain World Conference - the largest global exhibition related to the blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, in Atlantic City, USA, July 11th-13th. The event includes 120 exhibitors from 52 countries, 5000 accredited investors, an approximate number of participants exceeds 8000 people.

Soft-logic company will present the possibilities of the crypto ATM for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies with crypto pawnshop functionality and the work of a stationary point using a web browser and mobile devices in cooperation with Covault Inc. - a strategic partner of Soft-logic in North America, received the status of «BTM Partner» from the organizers of the exhibition.

«This event on the one hand will let us show all the possibilities of our solution, which is gradually filled with new functionality, on the other hand, the fact of participation in such a large-scale exhibition of a planetary scale shows the appropriate level of our solution. We hope to receive a comprehensive feedback and to interest our partners and potential customers at solutions for purchasing/selling of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets systems», - said Vladimir Ekshibarov, head of Soft-logic.


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