Pay-logic software: cards personalization in the dispensing process

Application of smart cards in everyday life covers an increasing number of areas of activities, along with the issue of reducing the cost of their dispense, the overall enhancement of the capabilities and technological level of the solution, implementation of more advanced modern and multifunctional equipment. One of such device is a card dispenser with a barcode scanner.

The device allows to build a business solution, based on the cards personalization. This sphere of application is determined not by simply dispensing of a card, but by linking it to a recipient. For linking, barcode, magnetic strip, chip or RFID interface can be used. Barcode or magnetic stripe are relatively simple ways to use card personalization. The solution that supports contactless and smart cards uses the standards of MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Classic 1K / 4K, MIFARE EV1 1K / 4K, MIFARE Plus 2K / 4K; MIFARE DESFire EV1 / EV2.


Card may not only be linked with specific user, but also pre-programmed. This technology allows to automate the sphere of banking self-service, associated with the opening of accounts and the dispense of cards, the issuance and repayment of loans. It can be actively used in the field of automation of information on consumed services, reception and repayment of debts, in the sphere of housing and communal services, communication services, including the issuance of SIM cards in SIM card dispensing machines, organization of terminals in parking systems, logistics and transport - railways, airports, metro, automatic fare collection system. The registration of each dispensed card in the database allows the organization of control systems and the split access, time and attendance tracking systems, loyalty programs, identification, etc.


Soft-logic specialists have integrated the card dispenser with a barcode scanner. On request of a number of vendors, works on the technical implementation of barcode reading were completed. However, the software capabilities are much wider, the implementation of necessary business logic, which can include interaction with smart cards, is coordinate with the customer at the stage of project evaluation.

A particular feature of the company's solution is the ability to validate the read bar code when dispensing. If an error is detected, the card is sent to a special box. Preliminary verification excludes the dispense of an erroneous or defective card and avoids the influence of the human factor when loading the dispenser. This feature is extremely important, allows to increase the reliability of the solution and eliminate the violation of the logic of the automation process, which can lead to a serious failure in solution.

At the same time card dispenser with a barcode scanner allows to significantly reduce the cost of purchasing devices when need to dispense prepaid cards or cards with different tariffs. In a particular situation, the number of tariffs or types of cards should be dispensed with an appropriate amount of card dispensers, a pre-configured dispenser with a scanner allows to dispense a large number of programmed cards using a single device.

The automation solution based on the type of dispenser described above, depending on the field of activity, will increase the availability of the service, optimize costs, improve overall profitability, throughput, reliability, and will provide information collection and reporting.

These devices are quite popular in the market of automation and cards personalization. At the moment, our company coordinate the requirements with partners and customers for the further implementation of scanning and recording technologies in the range of dispensers that are combined with the scanner. We are always open for dialogue and we will consider your requirements and wishes for the introduction of this type of devices and corresponding software in your solutions.


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