Cloud-based queue management system
Soft-logic queue management system now in the cloud

Previously we informed on the development of fully-functional Electronic queuing system. Now our company is ready to provide a software product in the cloud format by subscription. Read more detail about the system components and tariffs below.

Solution components

1. Ticket dispensers
Devices based on self-service kiosks, used by customers to receive tickets. Kiosks can be supplemented by feedback forms, service quality assessment modules, any information services (maps, reference information), etc.


2. Front office (Operator's workplace)
A responsive web application, available on any devices, including mobile. Use by employees to service and work with clients via the Electronic queue. Allows an employee to choose a Workplace with link to the types of queues (services) that the employee will serve, call, re-call or redirect clients, and also go for lunch or a break (in case all customers at this Workplace are served).




For each completed request, employee can leave a comment, system save statistics of served customers and the current number of people in the queue is presented online.

3. Digital signage
Monitors, televisions or other digital devices to display queue priority information. Visual customisation (brand colors, background, logo, etc.) and functional customization (for example, the number of columns with displayed data about queue) is supported.



4. Back office
A responsive web application, available on any devices, including mobile. Allows administrative staff to add organizations, their branches and offices, connect Ticket dispensers, Digital signage and Operator workplaces, manage their parameters and communications within the offices.



Also use for add staff, to determine the features of their work, link to the types of processed queues (types of services). Keep monitoring and statistics.

Payment software + Electronic queue

If the customer already has an installed kiosk for accepting payments, we are ready to add a button for receiving an electronic queue coupon, thereby expanding the functionality of registering users in the queue on existing equipment.

Tariffs for cloud-based electronic queue

1 office (1 ticket dispenser, 2 managers, 1 digital signage) - 500 rubles per month

Additional rates:

+ 1 ticket dispenser — 100 rubles per month
+ 1 manager — 100 rubles per month
+ 1 digital signage — 100 rubles per month

*Paid services for improvements and styling are provided as part of the integration

** For all our current customers of the Pay-Point cloud service, we offer a free trial period for the Electronic queue for 6 months for 1 office

If you are an existing customer and have any questions, you can contact your personal Pay-Point service manager. New customers can send software request in a convenient way.


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