Hair salon franchise: self-service kiosks advantages
Why kiosks from Soft-logic are better than any franchise

There are several franchises on the hairdressing and beauty salon business market that in addition to providing equipment, furniture and basic training, offer franchisees the installation of self-service kiosks. We made an analysis of the possibilities for automating the payments acceptance presented by franchisers and provide information in comparison with our specialized solution for hairdressers and beauty salons.

Kiosk price

According to information from one of the largest franchiser, he offers to buy a used kiosk for 80 000 rubles. After over 10+ years of software development for payment and self-service kiosks, we have established strong relationships with equipment manufacturers and we are well known of the software and hardware market. The average market price for used kiosks purchased by our customers is 50 000 rubles.

Lump-sum payments, royalty and software costs

Depending on the region, a one-time lump-sum payment is 200 000 – 330 000 rubles. In addition, the franchisor takes7 – 20% of each payment made through a self-service kiosk and this is a large reward. Our software provide by a monthly or annual subscription, so the cost of one point per month is fixed at 3 999 rubles per month or 39 990 rubles per year, no matter what amount of payments was accepted.

Franchise features

For 700 000 - 1 000 000 rubles, the franchisee receives furniture, equipment, corporate identity and almost complete business. We consulted with our customers, owners of hairdresser chains, and found that in some cases it is quite possible to purchase furniture and equipment directly from suppliers with a discount of up to 30% compared to the franchisee price.

Strong terms and conditions

Running a hairdressing business with franchise affiliation obliges strict compliance to the conditions specified in the franchise agreement. Acting as a franchisee, the owner of a hairdresser has to sacrifice freedom of choice in doing business, for example, to comply with a strict pricing policy and a limited range of services in the establishment.

Working independently, the hairdresser owner can set any prices in any self-service kiosks of their salons and adjust them online, add services, sell beauty products through the interface, expand business in any direction.

Additional functionality

Payment kiosk software in the hairdressing franchises area offers minimal opportunities for its customers – the choice of services and payment (the simplest electronic cashier) or periodic free haircuts for registered customers (every 6th haircut is free). We offer software, the capabilities of which are the most multifunctional in the market of sales services automation.

Soft-logic company’s Pay-Point software features:

Payment for services (also for services subtypes) and the purchase of beauty products, payment cart, the ability to customize and offer products related to the provided services

Promotion campaigns and loyalty programs, “smart” calculation of periodic free services

Discount coupons with activation by time/from a certain amount, based on barcodes, with the possibility of applying them to flyers or sending them via e-mail, messengers

Employee time tracking through the kiosk system using ID or badge system with a QR code, or manually entering the master's phone number, without using a barcode scanner

Interactive service quality assessment with connection to the master who provided the service

Standard, brand-style or specialized custom interface for a kiosk

Development of additional functionality on demand

Our clients get access to a fully functional back office, which is accessible through any browser and allows to remotely manage existing kiosks, use online monitoring and accounting of all operations, including evaluating the effectiveness of loyalty programs, the work of masters and the level of service.

At the stage of solution implementation, our specialists, if necessary, provide training and experience exchange, in the future they provide comprehensive support for payment kiosks.

Our solution is being constantly developed, we regularly implement free functionality for all existing customers. Some customers choose unique improvements for an additional cost depending on man-hours, which is quite affordable to the average salon.


Self-service kiosk is one of the key items for the effective organization of the beauty goods and services sale. It significantly saves staff costs, cash register costs, combines a variety of functions. To provide quality service, we recommend you to pay attention not only to experienced beuaty masters, but also to the quality software for your kiosks.

For more information about the solution, contact our Sales manager Roman Schmidt


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