Kiosk Q-70 — new premium model

We offer new self-service kiosk model Q-70 — this is a premium exclusive model designed for the most demanding customers. The device combines best practices in terms of design and branding.

The entire front area of the kiosk is occupied by tempered glass, any color can be given at the production stage and any patterns or inscriptions can be applied.

Like our other models, the body of the kiosk can be painted in any color according to the RAL Classic catalog. However, on the new model the frame around the display may differ in color from the rest of the case and may have logos or inscriptions with LED illumination.

Similar options were available on previous models, but the Q-70 is the first model which has all options in one kiosk.

Specifications include bright Full-HD 32″ screen for effective display of advertising and any other promotional materials, controlled by modern Intel or AMD processors.

Built-in receipt printer, 1D/2D barcode scanner and wide-angle video camera are available as basic configuration, emphasizing the model's focus on the premium market segment.

The model is produced in three versions — wall-mounted, floor-mounted, and floor-mounted double-sided. For the double-sided version mount of the output wires to the ceiling is available as an option.


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